Copenhagen, Denmark, May 28-31 2016

Grants and Awards


EAN is happy to inform that due to a grant from Lundbeckfonden (Lundbeck Foundation) the number of grants could be increased to 320.

The 2nd Congress of the EAN offers  bursaries consisting of free registration to the congress and up to four nights hotel accommodation.
In addition, free admission to three half-day teaching courses will be offered.

Eligible are PhD (neurology) students, residents of neurology or certified clinical neurologists (with no more than 3 years practice since completing training) who are working in Europe and whose abstract has been accepted.

It is also possible for colleagues in training from Algeria, Egypt, Jordan, Kyrgistan, Lebanon, Libya, Morocco, Palestine, Tunisia and Syria as well as from sub-Saharan countries belonging to the HINARI Group A list of countries as established by WHO (www.who.int/hinari/eligibility/en/) to apply for bursaries.

Applications must be accompanied by your abstract submission confirmation number and a letter from the chairperson of your department confirming that you are in training. Please keep in mind that only one bursary per abstract will be awarded.

After having clicked the "bursary button" during the abstract submission, the above mentioned documents have to be sent to abstracts@eaneurology.org 
Applications for bursaries will only be considered if submitted by the time of abstract submission deadline: 13 January 2016 (extended until 20 January 2016).
Bursary recipients will be selected on the basis of abstract evaluation by the Programme Committee.
Applicants who have been granted a bursary will be informed well before elapse of the early registration fee deadline.

The prize is not transferable and will not be paid off in cash.

Investigator Award

All free presentations (oral presentations, posters) selected for presentation at the 2nd EAN Congress 2016 will automatically take part in the selection of an Investigator Award. The award for the 20 best presentations will be a registration to the 3rd EAN Congress in Amsterdam, The Netherlands, a diploma and the winners will be announced in the European Journal of Neurology and the EAN newsletter. These presentations will also be filmed and displayed on the EAN website if the presenters agree. The award will be given to the first author who needs to be the person to present the work at the congress. The EAN Scientific Panels together with the Scientific Committee and the Programme Committee will be responsible for the evaluation process before as well as during the congress. 

PK Thomas Prize

In memory of Professor P.K. Thomas the 2nd EAN Congress is pleased to announce the P.K. Thomas Award for the best paper on peripheral nerve disorders.
Professor P.K. Thomas graciously left an annual sum of € 500.- for awarding the best work on this topic. The papers will be evaluated during the congress and the prize winner will be announced during the closing ceremony and informed in writing after the congress.

Tournament for Neurologists in Training

A tournament for neurologists in training will take place. The tournament will be carried out in two groups, one on clinical related research, and one on basic neurological science.
Participation: Eligible are PhD (neurology) students, residents of neurology or certified clinical neurologists (with no more than 3 years practice since completing training) working in Europe and whose abstract has been accepted.

When submitting an abstract of which they are the first author, candidates must state that they wish to participate in the tournament and select the group (clinical/basic). They must send by mail a confirmation written by the head of the candidate’s department stating his/her status and that the abstract is the personal work of the candidate.
Applications will be accepted until 13 January 2016 (extended until 20 January 2016).

Selection of candidates: The EAN Programme Committee will select 6 candidates for each tournament group on the basis of the contents of the abstracts submitted. The clinical subjects must be received from authors who all work in Europe and thus carry out their projects in Europe. For the basic science session, clinical relevance will be weighted.
The Programme Committee reserves the right to assign in which session the presentation will take place.
Financial support: Candidates selected for the tournament will receive a bursary consisting of free registration to the Congress, up to four nights hotel accommodation, and a travel grant.
Presentation: Each selected candidate is allotted 10 minutes for presentation of his/her paper plus five minutes for discussion with the jury.
Jury: Members of the Programme, the Scientific and the Teaching Course Committees.
Evaluation: Candidates will be judged not only on the scientific value of the work presented, but also on the quality of the oral presentation and the way the candidate responds to the questions of the jury.
Prize: The winner of each group will receive a prize consisting of: Free registration at the 3rd EAN Congress in Amsterdam 2017, up to four nights hotel accommodation as well as a travel grant. The prize is not transferable and will not be paid off in cash.

Two runner-up prizes in each, the clinical and basic tournament will be awarded. They will consist of a certificate and a free registration to the 3rd EAN Congress in Amsterdam 2017.

Notification of Awards

All prize winners will be notified in writing after the congress and announced in Neuropenews.